Cougar at Hell's Gate State Park, Lewiston Idaho
Favorite Tales by Rip Caswell
Martha Jane Sands maquette by Rip Caswell
Pride of Africa by Rip Caswell
Inside Caswell Gallery
Connecting Art Lovers and Artists since 1992 ...
Rip Sculpting Admiral Nimitz Monument in the studio
White Tail at Caswell Gallery






Husband-and-wife team Rip and Alison unite their talents in the creation of their work, through Caswell Sculptures. Their sculptures that can be found in public spaces, commercial developments and private collections in all 50 States as well as abroad.

Their ability to capture emotion and tell stories through sculpture invites the viewer on a journey into the wild. For the Caswells, nature is a source for living, breathing reference material and a sanctuary to renew and foster inspiration. They hope that through their art, they can share the deep appreciation for the animals they love, and that the eyes of their sculptures may serve as a window into their life, spirit and personality of the subjects they cast in bronze. Their mission through artwork is to revitalize the bond between man, animal and our wild environment that surrounds us.

Artist Statement: “To create our bronze sculptures we use the ancient Lost Wax method used by artists for over 6,000 years. We savor the total freedom of creating with clay – with it we form the heart and soul of our subjects. When they are finished in bronze form, people can touch one of our sculptures and know what we felt when we created it.”




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Rip Caswell



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