Casting Bronze


STEP 10: Pouring the Bronze


While the shell is still hot, the bronze is poured into it. Today’s bronze is made up of copper, silicon, manganese and trace elements. The bronze is heated to over 2,000 degrees before pouring occurs. Generally, it takes three foundry workers to complete this task. The first is the “lead pour” who directs the crucible that holds the molten bronze. The second is responsible for maintaining the balance of the crucible and is called the “dead man.” The third of the trio pushes away the impurities or “slag” (like skimming milk) that collects on the surface of the bronze. Teamwork is essential to a successful pour. If a shell is destroyed at this point, a new wax must be pulled from the Mother Mold and weeks of work will be lost.



Foundry Workers Pour The Molten Bronze


Pouring Bronze


A Sense of Curiosity

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